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Aomori – Hakodate: A casual cruise lasting 3 hr. 40 min.
A ride to Hokkaido on the Blue Dolphin

Crossing the magnificent Tsugaru Straits with your vehicle

Located between Honshu and Hokkaido, the Tsugaru Straits is a dramatic stretch of water marking the boundary of different animal and plant distribution patterns and the point at which the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Japan.

A ferry trip across this stretch of water provides panoramic views of the ocean and ever-changing scenery along the coast. The Blue Dolphin offers cabins comparable to hotel rooms and a variety of convenient facilities. Passengers can enjoy the poetic air of this sea route connecting Aomori and Hakodate during the trip, which lasts 3 hr. 40 min.

Why not take a relaxing ferry journey to Hokkaido with your car?

ブルードルフィン Blue Dolphin Casual Cruise Ferry
The Blue Dolphin is a large vessel about twice as long as a jumbo jet, making it more stable on the sea for a pleasant trip with magnificent views.
*Total length: 136.6 m (448.2 ft.)
International gross tonnage: 14,000t
*Speed: 20 knt
Passenger capacity: 586 people
*Vehicle capacity: 200 passenger vehicles or 65 trucks
  • The night view from Mt. Hakodate is a must-see.

  • One of the best parts of visiting Hokkaido is the fresh and delicious local seafood.

  • One of the best parts of visiting Hokkaido is the fresh and delicious local seafood.

  • Hakodate Bay at the end of Hachimanzaka – a well-known slope in the hilly port town of Hakodate

  • The breathtaking view from Goryokaku Tower (Hakodate)

  • The Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse area of Hakodate is home to a number of shopping malls and restaurants.

The Blue Dolphin – a high-class ferry service for comfortable cruising

The sophisticated entrance is quite something for a ferry!

Panoramic views from on board in this extraordinary setting help to open the mind.

One of the main advantages of traveling by ferry is that passengers can relax more freely than with any other means of transportation once on board. Tsugaru Kaikyo Ferry's newest vessel, the Blue Dolphin, aims to provide passengers with a truly relaxing experience.

A luxurious, majestic entrance greets those boarding the ferry. At the front is a large monitor displaying the view from the wheelhouse, and comfortable sofas are provided.

Fully equipped cabins comparable to those offered in first-class hotels are also available. The interiors of the 11 two-person cabins have a sophisticated design and are furnished with comfortable beds as well as a TV and a washstand. A deluxe cabin with a jet bath and shower is also available. To ensure the comfort of female passengers, fully carpeted women-only rooms are also provided – these are popular with groups of travelers. There is even a dog room and a dog deck for passengers traveling with their pets.

A spacious open area is provided for self-service eating, so passengers can bring their own food or buy it from the ferry's vending machines, which offer a variety of food from snacks to full meals.

A massage area with stylish massage chairs is a popular place to spend time after eating. For female passengers, powder rooms to change clothes and freshen up are provided. In addition, there is also a kids' room, a games area and a souvenir shop.

  • A hotel room-like suite with private lavatory, shower

  • The highest-class Premium Suite is fully furnished with a living area, a jet bath and other facilities, providing a spacious, relaxing atmosphere.

  • First Room is furnished with TV and washstand(8rooms)

  • Relax in the rest area overlooking the sea.

  • The massage chairs (20 minutes for 100 yen) are a popular option.

  • The kids' room is a great attraction for passengers with children.


Blue Dolphin is the first ferry in Japan to have a dog deck and a dog room. The dog room costs 1,020 yen per animal, and has cages to house dogs while their owners are in their cabins. Owners can collect their pets whenever they want and spend time with them in the dog room or play with them on the dog deck in the fresh air.

Smart check-in makes checking-in from your vehicle simple.

Reservations can be made easily online or by telephone. Passengers paying at least two days before boarding can use the smart check-in facility, which allows check-in by simply holding a mobile phone, etc. with the relevant code over the screen at the gate.

Check-in starts three hours before departure, so cruisers can take a stroll and enjoy sightseeing after checking in any baggage and vehicles.

Choose Blue Dolphin for your trip to Hokkaido for a quality cruise.